Over 100 free to enroll products from major insurance carriers.

  • Pre-built products

    Common Census has a large portfolio of pre-built products that can help you increase your book of business.

  • Collaborating Carriers

    These carriers have pre-built products on our platform, enabling free enrollment for any case.

    • Free to enroll
    • Open enrollment
    • Year-round enrollment
    • Attach to any case
  • Zero PEPM Carriers

    A ‘super’ collaborating carrier product that also qualifies a case for $0 PEPM benefit administration.

    • Free to enroll
    • $0 pepm for year-round administration
    • Eliminate the pepm for all other products on the case
  • Enroll Any Product

    Any other product, such as core medical, can be built on our system for a setup cost.

    • $500 setup cost
    • + Variable EDI Quote
    • $1 pepm for year round administration
    • $0 PEPM when offered on the same case as a qualified Zero PEPM product.

Select a collaborating carrier to view available products and contact information.


Are all benefits free to enroll?

All benefits listed on the products table are free to enroll. While we can enroll any benefit, other benefits outside our portfolio may require a setup fee.

When would a PEPM fee be charged?

For year-round enrollment: Only for cases that include non-collaborating carrier benefits.
For year-round administration: Only for cases that do not include a Zero PEPM carrier product or that do include a Zero PEPM carrier product but fail to maintain qualification and/or eligibility of that product or case.

Does the PEPM fee increase with the number of products on a case?

No it will not.
Example: for a case with two collaborating carrier products and three non-collaborating carrier products, the PEPM would be equal to the highest PEPM for a single non-collaborating carrier product which, in most cases, will be $1.

Are there restrictions on what carriers I have to use?

You may combine products from collaborating carriers, Zero PEPM collaborating carriers, and non-collaborating carriers in the same case. Pricing will vary based on the number of products, which carrier(s) you select, and the type of product. Review the product list for free-to-enroll and $0 PEPM products.

Is there a minimum case size?

While Common Census can accommodate cases of any size, some insurance carriers have minimum case size requirements which are outlined below.

Carrier Minimum case size
ARAG 100
Boston Mutual 50
Colonial 100
LifeLock 100
MassMutual 50
MetLife 200
Pet Assure 100
Unum 100

Do I need to get a quote?

All cases must be quoted by Common Census. Pricing is not finalized until Common Census receives the final contract signed by all parties.

How can I get a quote?

Complete the Case Summary Form and return it to Common Census.

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