What is Common Census?

We develop technology solutions for insurance carriers, brokers, agents, enrollment companies, Human Resources, and TPA’s to administer and enroll insurance and financial services. The Common Census Benefit Operating System® is the key to a seamless enrollment with secure benefits administration.

  • Common Benefits

    An online platform for self-enrollment, enroller-assisted enrollment, and benefits administration.
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  • Home Office Portal

    An online portal where carriers can manage benefit setup, export data, and more.

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Who we work with

  • Producers

    Agents, brokers, and enrollment firms can administer and enroll benefits for all clients in their portfolios.

  • Carriers

    Some of the largest insurance carriers in the nation use Common Census to market and sell their voluntary products.

  • Employers

    Administer and enroll benefits, handle life events and open enrollments, and maintain a positive relationship around benefits for HR and the employee with our Benefits Operating System.

  • TPA’s

    Administer cases with an unlimited number of locations, divisions, and classes making it easier to have multiple parties collaborate to administer, enroll, and export data while you maintain complete control.

We’re Flexible

Our solutions are used on cases ranging in size from 10-250,000 employees or association members.


Common Benefits can be used for year-round benefit administration or a simple open enrollment for cases of any size.

Standard services include

  • A solution to enroll core benefits, voluntary benefits, and administrative programs
  • Built in benefit eligibility functions
  • Easy and comprehensive reporting
  • Electronic forms, payroll deduction export, and excel exports
  • Dynamic benefit statements

Open Enrollment

  • Handle Open Enrollment for up to 60 calendar days
  • Provide spreadsheet enrollment files to any carrier
  • Direct exports to our collaborating carrier portfolio

Year-Round Enrollment

  • Open Enrollment and New Hires (excluding life events)
  • Provide spreadsheet enrollment files to any carrier
  • Direct exports to our collaborating carrier portfolio
  • Add new hires at will or Common Census can import new hires for a fee

Enrollment + Benefit Administration

  • Handle Open Enrollment and New Hires
  • Full oversight with one-click approval for employee changes
  • Connect data to benefit carriers, and service providers via EDI
  • Direct exports to our collaborating carrier portfolio
  • Add new hires at will or Common Census can import new hires for a fee

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Service Types

Open Enrollment

Exports can be sent in an Excel or CSV file. These are provided as a one-time export when open enrollment is complete, and then the case and information is made inactive.

Year-Round Enrollment

Excel Exports are used and can be created on a schedule so that your team can periodically send them to carriers. The archive function can be used in conjunction with these Excel Exports.

Enrollment + Benefit Administration

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the most common transmission method for benefits administration cases. Data is transmitted to the insurance provider on a predetermined schedule and in one of the following formats: 834-4010, 834-5010, and fixed width. EDI adds convenience and security to the data transfer process.

Excel Exports can be used for benefits administration cases as well.

Collaborating Carriers

Common Census has formal relationships with many major insurance carriers. They build their benefits to enroll natively in the Common Census Benefits Operating System.

When you enroll any number of Collaborating Carrier products, their benefits enroll for FREE. Plus, setup is easy since the products were designed for our system from day one.

Common Census is also able to build benefits in additional to those in our collaborating carrier portfolio. Contact sales@commoncensus.com to learn how.

Enroll any benefit & connect providers

Collaborating carrier products enroll for free but there is a set up and potential maintenance cost to enroll a core benefit or other non-collaborating carrier product. Eliminate the set up cost by building your own cases. Learn more.

Enroll Benefits Connect to Services
Medical Payroll systems
Voluntary COBRA providers
Dental & Vision TPA’s
Ancillary Benefits ACA Compliance
Administrative Programs
including: FSA and HSA deferral plans
Retirement Plans
including: 401k, 403b, &457b

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Enrollment Methods

Use any combination of enrollment methods to enroll a case.

Online (Enroller Assisted)

Common Benefits® is the secure, web-based system for open enrollment, new hires, benefits administration, and private exchanges.

  • Over two dozen reports including a total compensation report and benefit statements
  • HR/Administrative oversight

Online (Self-Service)

Common Benefits enables employees to enroll and manage their benefits online.

  • Benefit Statements
  • Employees must enroll or waive all benefits offered
  • 100% HR/Administrative oversight
  • English and Spanish Video Coaches
  • Decision Support tools suite
  • Optional call center or co-browse support

Offline (Enroller Assisted)

ND Enroller® is a secure, laptop-based system for open enrollment and new hires. It does not require an internet connection.

  • Rent our laptops or use your own
  • Deduction confirmations
  • Secure database sync to upload enrollment data
  • Includes benefits statements

Call Center Connection (Enroller Assisted)

Choose your call center for your group enrollment.

  • Use an online or offline solution, or a combination of both


Standard Features

Open & Year-Round EnrollmentOpen Enrollment Benefits AdministrationBenefit Admin
Electronic enrollment
Rules-based plan eligibility
Existing coverage display
Plan summaries and compliance documents
PayChecker® tool
24+ reports
Benefit statements
Employer contribution reports
Benefit exports (.xls & .csv)
Ad-hoc reports & custom exports (.xls, .csv, .xml, fixed length)
Payroll exports via Excel
Multiple enrollment methods
Interview confirmation form (enroller-led)

Additional Features

New hire enrollments
Year-round benefit statements
Year-round reports
Record keeping
EDI (834-5010 & 834-4010)
One-click approval to process changes
Coverage record *available on specific benefits
Administrative exports/EDI (COBRA, FSA, & more)
Payroll exports via EDI
ACA compliance exports

Case Building

Learn to build your own cases on the Common Census Benefits Operating System to reduce your setup costs and increase control.

Build core, ancillary, and administrative benefits that can be used on our enrollment and administration platform.

Attend a Case Building Training

See how you can reduce costs and increase control by building your own benefits.

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Case Process

Benefit setup


Collaborating Carrier portfolio $0 setup cost
You build any benefit $0 setup cost

Ongoing cost (PEPM)


All products PEPM assessed

Benefit EDI


Carrier Setup $200 per carrier
Standard setup $0
  • Introduction

    Schedule a product demonstration with a member of our sales team. Your account manager will give you a Case Summary Form to complete to receive a quote from Common Census. Once you sign the quote and contract, work can begin.

  • Case Setup

    A case implementation team member at Common Census will be your point of contact from here. They guide you through the steps from gathering information to delivery of electronic files and if needed, laptops for offline enrollment too.

  • Upload Information

    We provided a secure, HIPAA compliant support site to exchange all case documents and information with all team members (HR, broker, enroller, payroll, etc.).

  • Case Building

    Build your own case or Common Census builds the case and releases to all authorized parties for testing and approval.

  • Training & Case Deployment

    A Common Census team member will provide case training to the enrollment manager before the enrollment is launched.

  • Post Enrollment Services

    Common Census will provide post enrollment data: Excel Exports, Payroll Export, EDI Launch, Enrollment Forms.

  • Cases with Benefit Administration

    Common Census automatically sends enrollment data for our Collaborating Carrier products. You may choose between running an excel export that you or your staff transfer to the carrier, or you can have Common Census create an EDI for effortless communication. New Hires can be added administratively one-by-one by your team at no cost, or via a periodic census imported by Common Census staff for an additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Census software is capable of enrolling cases of all sizes on group products for employers with 10 employees to over 250,000. Minimum case size is determined by the insurance carrier, rather than Common Census. Consult your carrier for offering details.

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