Benefits Administration

A year-round benefits administration solution with no ongoing cost


ZeroPEPM Rules

  • New or existing cases are eligible

  • The expected use of the database is minimally 1 year including open enrollment, new hire enrollment and life event management

  • Enroll one or more ZeroPEPM products not previously enrolled

  • Achieving 30% participation1 in a ZeroPEPM product entitles the user to 24 months2 of use @ZeroPEPM

  • If 30% participation1 is not achieved in a ZeroPEPM product, but at least 80% of the employee population reviews the product3, the case is qualified for 12 months2 of ZeroPEPM.

  • No minimum case size

  • No production requirements4

1. Percentage of employees participating is calculated based on the number of employees enrolled in the ZeroPEPM product divided by the number of employees on the case.
2. Months of ZeroPEPM are calculated based on the first policy effective date on the case.
3. Percentage of employees reviewing the product is calculated based on the total number of employees enrolled or waived via an employee/enroller interview or takeover import; an administrator may not waive the coverage.
4. Carriers may impose production requirements.

ZeroPEPM rules may change without notice. Contracts are governed by the ZeroPEPM rules in effect at the time the contract was signed. On the anniversary of any contract (annual or monthly), the rules published at the website will govern future ZeroPEPM agreements.

For a full list of ZeroPEPM rules download the ZeroPEPM rules PDF.


Integrated with the Benefits Operating System

Enroll using any four enrollment methods during the step-by-step interview. Standard data required by carriers and the ACA, plus custom fields set by HR will be captured. Whether interviewing face-to-face with a benefit counselor or on their own using self-service, participants are required to review all benefits before submitting their enrollment. Manage your open enrollment, add new hires, and manage life events all from one secure web portal.

  Online Enrollment
  Offline Enrollment
  Call Center Connection
  Benefit counselor interview
  Individual self enrollment

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Implement ZeroPEPMTM

Attract new clients for off-cycle enrollment and encourage new or existing clients to handle year-round benefits administration with Common Benefits.

Start with two voluntary products

Offer any two voluntary products from a ZeroPEPM collaborating carrier and Common Census will setup your selected plans with no setup fee.

Engage individuals in the group

Require all individuals to log into Common Benefits once. Measure success via a post enrollment report of applications sold and premiums earned.

Employee satisfaction makes the sale for you

Use the success of the initial two voluntary benefit enrollment as a selling point with HR to transition to full, year-round benefits administration with ZeroPEPM.

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