Case Summary Form

Case process

  • Case Information

    Complete the Case Summary form, following a product demonstration with a member of our sales team.

  • Case Setup

    A Common Census case implementation team member will guide you through the steps from gathering information to delivery of electronic files and if needed, laptops for offline enrollment too.

  • Upload Information

    We provided a secure, HIPAA compliant support site to exchange all case documents and information with all team members (HR, broker, enroller, payroll, etc.).

  • Case Building

    Build your own case or have Common Census build and release the case to all authorized parties for testing and approval.

  • Training & Case Development

    A Common Census team member will provide case training to the enrollment manager before the enrollment is launched.

  • Post Enrollment Services

    Common Census will provide post enrollment data: Excel Exports, Payroll Export, EDI Launch, Enrollment Forms.